Raphaela Vogel

* 1988 in Nürnberg GER
lives in Frankfurt am Main und and Amsterdam

Straddling the genres of sculpture, video installation and film performance, here particular interest is shown in the creative process of the work, as in her videos the artist generally appears as an actor herself and interacts with her immediate surroundings. To this end, for example, she mounts cameras on moving devices to create experimental and dynamic tracking shots. She condenses unusual materials such as metal frames, designer furniture, leather hides and medical or agricultural machinery into space-consuming installations. These sculptural constructions serve as expanded bases and image carriers for her video projections.

For her piece “mogst mi du ned, mog i di” (2014) the artist uses modular chrome rods arranged to form a kind of drawing in the space. Parts of this rod structure are in the beam of the projector, meaning that their shadows can be seen on the screen and formally correspond with the video shown. The video recorded by a drone she controlled herself is shown first on a pier on a mountain lake in the Alps and afterwards in a marble quarry near Carrara. In hectic cuts the video is interrupted by other camera shots taken from the saddle of a trotting horse from within or inside an oral cavity. The complex arrangements of sculptural and filmic elements attest to an experimental and self-reflexive treatment of space, material and technical media with the goal of surveying and appropriating reality.

Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

Mogst mi du ned, mog i di, 2014
Videostill, 6:25 min
the artist