Lucie Stahl

* 1977 in Berlin, GER
lives in Wien

In her work Lucie Stahl explores the perception and reproduction of images in the age of digital networking. The present-day distribution and marketing of goods under these conditions is the focal point of her work, which calls for a fundamental exploration of how to balance body and alienating technology.

In her works she adapts the technique of the photogram, to which she adds contemporary production methods for data collection. To this end, Stahl uses Pop culture references from advertising, television and magazines. She groups everyday found objects, liquids as well as personal text commentaries on a scanner, which makes two-dimensional reproductions of the momentary compositions. She then coats the resulting image, in the form of a print, with synthetic resin, which combines the seemingly separate fragments into a whole. This frequently produces visual situations that encourage misinterpretation and thus void the promise of communication owing to visual overload. In the exhibition Lucie Stahl is presenting her new works “Trashcans” (2014) collaged from recycled scans she has already used in another form. Light and shadow, various light sources, electrical, projected light, candlelight. Visibility and invisibility – old and new – a ghostly scenario of recycled images, objects and texts.

With her collages the artist attempts to freeze in a moment of temporality the phenomenon of fluctuation of materials that confront one another on a daily basis.

Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

Trashcans 1–14, 2014
trashcans, paper collages, candles
Galerie Meyer Kainer, photo: Marcel Koehler