Sandra Kranich

* 1971 in Ludwigsburg, GER
lives in Frankfurt am Main

Fireworks form the basis for Kranichs’ work as an artist. Her installations featuring wall drawings are only complete when the final firework has gone out. Specifically, the sculptures and aluminum reliefs in the room are lit and for a moment the work is transformed into a spectacle of light, colors and sound. It is a unique perceptual experience in which the elaborately produced installation is deconstructed again in a short period of time. The two aluminium reliefs “Flashforward I / II” act as a launching pad for the fireworks, whose choreography the trained pyrotechnician determines down to the last detail. Kranichs deliberately employs the colors and effects of the individual fireworks for the purposes of narration in her light drawings. The firework itself and the results are not coincidental even though it is impossible to rule out chance altogether as the artist might be able to plan the choreography, but cannot completely avoid errors occurring.

The traces produced on the wall and the rest of the room are part of the work,
indeed only on their production is the artwork complete. Kranichs’ works go beyond performance art from which they derive. Though the firework is documented in film and is captured as an event, in the process the works gain an independent aesthetic quality. Destruction and creation – concentrated and preserved – complete the three-dimensional drawings, but also quite specifically indicate how much work is involved in highly traditional pyrotechnic art.

Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

Flashforward 1+2, 2012
all-aluminium, firework material, lamp black, electric cable,, 144,5 109 6 cm
Courtesy Philipp Pflug Contemporary