Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt

Özlem Günyol (* 1977 in Ankara, TUR) /
Mustafa Kunt (* 1978 in Ankara, TUR)
live in Frankfurt am Main

The study of normative order is central to the primarily conceptually influenced performances, installations, sculptures and objects of this creative duo. Günyol and Kunt are interested in the materiality and consistency of symbols that are representative of identity, power or authority. By transforming these, the artists bring them into a new context, allowing for new associations to take place. For example, a perfectly formed rope is made out of what was originally a protest banner, and alloys that are used for the production of Euro coins and Turkish lira are transformed into square metal plates. Similarly, a cacaphony of different voices is formed out of over 200 national anthems, and envelops the listener out of the same amount of speakers.

The transformation of the real into music can be found in the sound pieces “BTO-28”, “CBT-65”, “BTO-22” (all 2013). Consisting of several parts, the piece is made up of of three wooden display cabinets, each of which contain a piece of barbed wire, a sheet of music and a soundpiece. Barbed wire is a material that is traditionally used for the demarcation of space or territory, designed to refrain people from crossing these boundaries by the inherent threat of injury. The sheets of music reproduce a composition that results on the one hand from the design of the sharp edges of the types of barbed wire on show and on the other from the word “ouch”, as played by the artists.

Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

BTO -22, 2013
razor wire, wood, ink jet print, headphones, sound, 60 × 65 × 140 cm, music 00:28 min