Sofi Żezmer

* 1959 in Lodz, PO L
lives in Wiesbaden

In her work, Sofi Žezmer combines mass-produced everyday and industrial objects, and in this way creates impressive works that exude visual and semantic intensity. Her highly detailed sculptures, assemblages and installations are made primarily of synthetic materials such as plastic, wire, glass, metal or nylon attest to a fascinations with biological and mechanical systems. Formally speaking, they allude to scientific settings such as biochemistry and quantum mechanics. In her artistic praxis, Žezmer relies on materials from the worlds of mass production and the consumer society, transposing found objects into new semantic and functional contexts.

While her glass piece “Time Bubble Warp LS1” (2014/15), which seems to float like a soap bubble through the window of a stairwell, is a capsule made from everyday
plastic transformed into an artistic gesture of poetic lightness, at the same time
she subverts the perception of the transparent spatial borders set. “Periphery LS1”
(2014/15) is expansive, by contrast, effusively permeating all storeys. The sculpture is reminiscent of an astronomic model, but one that obeys aesthetic rather than scientific criteria; on the other hand, the highly detailed work functions as a kind of central nervous system of the “Organism Exhibition”, pointing in the process in two directions: The object responds to outside influences and stimuli produced by the organism itself, and forwards them on, while also focusing the eye on the different exhibition zones and their respective attrcations.

Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

Sofi Żezmer
Time Bubble Warp LS1, 2014–2015
glass, plastic, 173,5 63,5 30 cm