Simon Speiser

* 1988 in Regensburg, GER
lives in Frankfurt am Main

Simon Speiser translates objects from virtual or fictional worlds into sculptures and installations. The focus is on the variable relationship between reality or the natural aspect and its representation in materials. Virtual realities generally have the goal of complete immersion in another world. Instead however, Simon Speiser interweaves the fictional worlds he conceives with that of our everyday lives. The visitor is invited to immerse him/herself in his story – free from separable worlds and temporalities.

The sculpture “In the Eye of the Timber” (2015) is a relic from the eponymous story by Simon Speiser that is on display in the exhibition space. With a curved form and leaf-like bowls at the edge, the work functions as a fountain. The gurgling water runs down its sides, is briefly caught in the leaves and is then fed back into the cycle. The metal surface and the program- generated leaves that search in vain for their equivalents in nature reference a digital production process. Doomed to failure from the start, the sculpture does not seek to be a reproduction of something natural. Instead, a fictional object assumes material form within it and thus becomes spatially perceptible. The treelike sculpture is made of fiberglass – the same material that transmits the daily flood of images, data and comments of our communication. Here it is used to transport water as a natural element in endless repetition.

Frankfurter Kunstverein

Study for “In the Eye of the Timber, 2015