Jessica Sehrt

* 1984 in Lich, GER
lives in Frankfurt am Main

In her works the artist investigates how ideologies, values or dominant views can shape an individual biography. Using art as her medium, she seeks to combine the biographical with larger historical or political issues. At the Frankfurter Kunstverein a picture depicting a mysterious group ritual, a collage and a film are presented. In the film Marthas Poesiealbum (2015) the camera tries to capture the contents of a diary from a fixed distance. The entries were written by Martha Puerta, whose Spanish parents were enthusiastic supporters of the National Socialist ideology and sent their daughter to a boarding school in Germany in the 1930s. After the war the family migrated to Argentina, and Martha met her later Jewish husband there. The diary shows a series of childish scribblings that reveal a lot about Martha’s upbringing. While the hand turns the individual pages of the diary, the camera cannot always focus properly. This technical difficulty can also be read as symbolic for the capricious character of history and biography.

In Wiesbaden a larger video and audio installation by Sehrt is on display. Divided between several monitors visitors can watch an educational film about handling a machine gun. The films are accompanied by a soundtrack consisting of electronic sounds, which are not easy to assign to the individual images. But in fact the sound level is a perfectly harmonious composition.

Frankfurter Kunstverein und Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

Leidenschaftliche Effizienz, 2013
paper collage, 40 38 cm
Videostill from „MARTIN“, 2015
5 channel audio installation, 2 videos (7:01min, 4:30min), gouache on silcscreen, 50 x 35 cm