Helga Schmidhuber

* 1972 in Wiesbaden, GER
lives in Bad Schwalbach

Helga Schmidhuber’s oeuvre uses various different artistic media to address topics relating to the history of art, nature and culture. That said, her work always centers around painting and the latter forms the launchpad for her multimedia pieces which she often produces in series, as largish work groups. Examples are “Hidden Track” and “Holz vor Hütte”, cycles of work dating from 2005 and 2006 and presenting portrayals of animals with a surreal feel. In much of her work fragmented human
and animal shapes, sometimes only suggested and alienated, overlap to form collage-like entities which often boast a bright, almost garish colorfulness.

Her last solo exhibition “Does Voodoo work?” at Museum Wiesbaden showed a succession of all kinds of different objects including paintings, collages of objets trouvés from her own collector’s trove and animal skulls, all gathered around a stuffed Javanese tiger from the museum’s natural history collection. In these works, she also uses all kinds of different materials and techniques, blurring the boundaries between the categories of natural history and cultural history. This entire spatial arrangement circles around the mystification of nature in occultism. However, the collection aspect of this work also references the current debates of post-colonialism. Schmidhuber’s development of her own imaginatively designed stylistic vocabulary is an ongoing process.

Frankfurter Kunstverein

Erster Festschmuck für ein schwarzes Lamm, Detail of the installation “Does Voodoo work? II”, 2015
diverse materials
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015