Christiane Feser

* 1977 in Würzburg, GER
lives in Offenbach and Paris

In Christiane Feser’s photographs the beholder’s gaze feels its way across the intricate reliefs of geometric constructs. Tangible perspectives and three-dimensionality come into being only to be broken up again. The artist questions the truthfulness still associated with the medium of photography in various ways. She takes advantage of the inexhaustible possibilities afforded by digital image processing. At the same time, she makes use of the materiality of the paper on which her pictures are printed, thus lending her images a more tangible dimension.

Accordingly, the works from her Latente Konstrukte series (Latent Constructs, as of 2011) are the result of a synthesis of manual composition and the possibilities offered by digital processing. By having her work originate from a multilayered and complicated genesis process Feser negates photography’s characteristics of rapidity and efficiency. As the first stage of her Constructs, Feser creates delicate paper models which she then photographs, processes digitally, prints off and finally sorts. Subsequently, she makes further manual adjustments to the design of the selection she has created. She produces additional geometric elements to the work by folding it and creating delicate lines which interfere with the logic of the perspective in the photographs she has taken. These manually processed photographs are re-photographed and the process of change continues. Her final digital photograph weaves together elements of the model proper and the different levels of processing to form a coherent whole whose visual structure and complexity is the expression of the possibilities afforded by image production in the 21st century.

Frankfurter Kunstverein

Modell Konstrukt 90, 2013
photography, 70 50 4 cm
Courtesy Galerie Anita Beckers