Dorothee Diebold

1988 in Offenbach, GER
lives in Hamburg

The usually large-format paintings Dorothee Diebold makes tend to combine abstract and figurative elements. Often they include visual quotes from the every-day and consumer worlds. In her untitled (2014) pieces Diebold focuses on social clichés and mass of cultural images.

Her new paintings are almost monochrome: They consist of silver-gray spray-paint, with a few nuances, and white canvas. The paint has evidently been applied spontaneously and zestfully, almost slightly destructively. On closer inspection, somehow serial patterns can be discerned in the coat of paint. Here, material has been removed rather than paint applied. The impressions left in the shimmering surfaces are the product of kitchen paper, with an embossed heart-shaped pattern, that Diebold used to remove parts of the still fresh paint. Using two very simple means, Diebold manages to create an astonishing range of pictorial types. Despite what is definitely a conceptual approach, she toys with the properties of her chosen medium and the material basis for the images thus generated. The result involves painting and its ability to define a physical trace of reality, or in this case a physical impression of reality, as formally speaking the images are purely abstract. An actual, social reality is thus represented rather than simply depicted.

Frankfurter Kunstverein

untitled, 2014
lacquer on canvas, 140 × 200 cm
© the artist