Bianca Baldi

* 1985 in Johannesburg, RSA
lives in Frankfurt am Main und Wien

In her video installations and films Bianca Baldi explores figures, places, objects and myths that are not at the center of historical tales or scientific historiography. She views the banal, incidental or obscure like a burning glass, through which geopolitical, economic or social connections can become visible. In “Zero Latitude” (2014) for example she has a historical recliner set up in front of a dazzling white background of men wearing suits and gloves. The couch was designed by Louis Vuitton in the 19 th century to satisfy the up-market demands of the mostly aristocratic expedition travelers. For Baldi the couch is a symbol of the fact that colonialism was not just a competition for land, natural resources and geopolitical influence, but also a major economic factor that among other things gave rise to luxury products of questionable use.

In her piece “Prologue to Livro de Todo o Universo” (2015), produced for the exhibition, she returns her attention to colonialism and the arbitrary division of Africa in the 19 th century. Her shoot locations included the Geographical Society in Lisbon.

Frankfurter Kunstverein

Prologue to Livro de Todo o Universo, 2015
Videostill<br<Courtesy the artist<br<Courtesy the artist