Vytautas Jurevicius

* 1981 in Palanga, LIT
lives in Berlin

In his artistic practice Vytautas Jurevicius combines symbols, found objects, music and costumes with performative elements. In the resultant collages he investigates the rituals of human relations and the conditions of the former, something he addresses by offering scope for alternative experiences.

For his multipartite work “No Man is an Island” (2014), in a participative process with professionals from various different walks of life such as psychology, the construction industry and anthropology, he developed a series of interventions. For the entire course of the exhibition, the performers keep moving orange trees, objects with a folklorist look-and-feel and everyday items between the exhibition locations in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. When positioning these things in the relevant rooms they recite scenes and texts. In this context, it is difficult to differentiate between performance and reality.

The spatial dimensions of the performance extend beyond the usual bounds of the exhibition context. The artist investigates not only the exhibition location and its conventions, but also his own position. This departure from the conventional method of narration at an exhibition means that viewers are invited to examine their own patterns of perception. The work evades reduction to spatial and temporal coordinates, thus allowing not only the locations but also the people involved and the viewers multilayered levels of perception.


Frankfurter Kunstverein und Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

No Man Is An Island, 2014
Performance und Installation