Att Poomtangon

* 1973 in Bangkok, THA
lives in Frankfurt

Att Poomtangon’s work reflects on carefully researched topics which he considers socially relevant and therefore places in an artistic context.

In his work “In the Water There Are Fish, In The Field There Is Rice” (1999) the artist draws our attention to the water pollution caused by plastic bags in his home country of Thailand and the urgent need for us to question our relationship to our environment. In the same vein, he turns his attention to the Western world with a work that once again takes up the subject of the consequences of consumerism and our global economy – “The Devil Is In The Details” (2012). In Manhattan, Poomtangon zooms in on the accumulated byproducts of consumer consumption – packaging and cardboard boxes produced on top of the mass-produced and wastefully treated consumer items which the user then discards with the least possible effort. The artist truly stages this printedon advertising by reshaping the packaging into rectangular panels and decorates them with comic-like drawings, transforming the cardboard boxes into lively, playful picture carriers. These artistic designs on packaging ironically combine what the artist has painted on with the existing symbols of the advertising industry.

Here, the wasteful attitude in our consumer world and its consequences in terms of ecology are a central theme. However, all of this is not so much paraded in a preaching gesture or commented on cynically and instead mentioned in a rather cartoonlike tone.

Frankfurter Kunstverein

The devil is in the details. (The Land of Nod), 2012
drawing, acrylic painting on commercial, papier maché, 40 parts, each 70 × 14 cm
photo: Att Poomtangoon