Emilia Neumann

* 1985 in Offenbach, GER
lives in Offenbach

The artist uses different construction materials, such as reinforcing grids, steel or polystyrene, and then uses various crafts techniques to process them. Not that her works are meant to superficially appeal to the senses, but to undermine our notion of the material and its value. Her often very large objects made out of coloured plaster and polished disguise there original material.

Neumann’s art can kindle various different associations. Such as coral or the remains of ancient amphora resting on the bottom of the ocean. The interplay of smoothness and coarseness engenders an idea of a coherent entity forged by natural forces. The interaction of imagination and reality gives rise here to numerous variations and combinations. Neumann deliberately uses satellite dishes as the basis of her “jump and run” (2013), as their striking shape can also be read as a protective shield, opening up a critical interpretation. Indeed, she eschews the customary trivial representation of the world that surrounds us, and yet does not work in an idiom completely detached from it. The aesthetic and formal remove involved highlights an external reference to reality.

Frankfurter Kunstverein

Qualja, 2014
pigment, plaster, steal, reinforcement iron, 120 80 65 cm
Courtesy the artist