Michel Klöfkorn

* 1967 in Cuxhaven, GER
lives in Frankfurt am Main

Michel Klöfkorn has made a name for himself primarily for the music videos he has produced. He has worked for Sensorma »Star escalator« (1998), Jan
Delay »Vergiftet« (2001), created a video campaign for the anti-globalization movement attac to accompany the song „Alles auf Anfang“ (2011) by Wir sind
Helden. He also works as an animator and illustrator for French TV channel arte in Paris.

Klöfkorn looks for novel and unusual ways of illustrating music and in doing so he has developed a strong feel for the small details of everyday life. In his works the filmmaker explores the technical world, but also current political topics such as sustainability and the daily inundation with information.

In his animated short film “n. n.” (2009) shot using digital cameras, ant-like creatures, which are actually made of pigeon deterrent spikes, attack civilization. In the film the scene alternates constantly between the rapid ants and the calmness of the landscapes shot in time-lapse. The landscapes depict a wild and untamed nature: mountain ranges, clouds and the Artic Ocean. There are also sharp contrasts in the sound; sometimes there is complete silence, and then you hear voices and music. In attacking civilization the ants destroy, crush and consume the objects that constitute it. They remove neon signs, billboards, cars, violins and a swimming pool consequently leaving us to see what is fundamental to life.

Frankfurter Kunstverein and Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

n. n., 2009
Filmstill, 9:00 min
Courtesy Kai Middendorf Galerie