Markus Walenzyk

* 1976 in Wiesbaden, GER
lives in Mainz

“moment to monument” is a video performance by artist Markus Walenzyk. It begins by showing a kind of prehistorical landscape. The artist digitally edits the landscape so he appears to enter it. Sitting down he begins to build a clay-like mass up around himself. A constantly changing sky above him indicates the passage of time. After a few minutes Walenzyk is completely enclosed and detailed video effects transform him and the mound into a mountain. Then civilizations and towns evolve as settlements arise at the base of the mountain. The former expand, become modern, but then they reach a point at which they shrink and disappear. The mountain itself disintegrates, marking the end of the video.

First of all, the performance presents very obvious topics such as the artist’s creative process and the notion of coming into being and then disappearing again. However, Walenzyk also addresses his artistic work more deeply, in which he examines the human portrait and man’s role in relation to what surrounds us. To this end, Walenzyk also makes use of his own body and juxtaposes it to artificial materials, in this case even digital ones. He forms the mountain by drawing on digital, manual and natural processes and relies on the contrast between nature
and technology. He exploits this paradox and in “moment to monument” creates a
portrait with an ambivalent identity: on the one hand the mountain comes across as strong, individual and active and on the other hand it is rigid, isolated and

Frankfurter Kunstverein

moment to monument, 2014
Videostill, HD-Video, 8 min