Thomas Bayrle (* 1937 in Berlin, GER) / Martin Feldbauer (* 1973 in Passau, GER) / Daniel Kohl (* 1967 in Hammersmith, GBR) / Harald Pridgar (* 1968 in Altstätten, CHE), leben in Frankfurt am Main

The starting point for TRACER is the artists’ attempt to trace a specific creative process so as to develop an artistic work and consequently revive the “invisible”
stages of this production process. Not only do the traces outline the development itself, they also serve as a foundation for creating new steps and completely new works: All the members swap their ideas and contributions to the project with one another and process parts of those aspects with which the others are concerned. Consequently, everyone potentially influences each single element of the finished whole. The result amounts to a meshing of all the artists’ impulses, styles and methods. Through the system of exchange between the members a new work based on the original is created, which blurs the classic definition of individual authorship.For the installation “FATS DOMINO / Banned tracks” the collective produced a jointly collaged portrait in the form of a loop as an homage to the brilliant musician. “Banned Tracks” is not only an allusion of “Bands” and “Tracks” as traces – two recurring elements Tracer has explored to date – but can also be read as a specific reference to a time when some of the musician’s songs were scratched from his records in South Africa to prevent them being played. Consequently, the focus of the collaboration for “FATS DOMINO” does not lie on visualizing a host of traces as previously, but on the quadrupled input that went into a single idea.

Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

Fats Domino – banned tracks, 2014
record player and video, loop app. 1:30 min (Videostill)
© 2014 “Tracer”