Jonas Weichsel

* 1982 in Darmstadt, GER
lives in Frankfurt am Main

For the stairwell of Frankfurter Kunstverein Jonas Weichsel has conceived
screen prints arranged in line with the inclination of the handrail and thus the stairs themselves. Just as in Blinky Palermo’s piece “Treppenhaus II/Experimenta 4”, developed in 1971 for the Frankfurter Kunstverein (and reconstructed in 1998), which Weichsel indirectly references, his mural accentuates the construction of the stairwell and lends dynamism to the architecture.

Yet unlike Palermo’s minimalistic intervention, Weichsel’s work Tilted Screens (2015) complicates the spatial impression of the place. For on closer inspection overlapping, transparent colors as well as letters, lines or patterns appear on the printed surfaces. The colors of the prints and above all the surfaces, which in the course of a lengthy process Weichsel has perfected, reference the aesthetics of digital media. As such it seems only logical that the geometric figures have also been cut to shape with the help of a computer-controlled plotter. Paradoxically however, during the creative process Weichsel relies wholly on the options offered by techniques specific to painting. He uses special pigments, so-called interference colors, which enable the production of changing color effects that cannot be achieved with pixel-based methods. Thus the »internal« spaces of the works are at right angles to the specifically experienced architecture of the stairwell. The relationship between specific space and image space in conjunction with the changing of spatial perception in the context of digital media are themes at the center of Jonas Weichsel’s painterly investigation.

Frankfurter Kunstverein

Studies of Tilted Screens, 2015
© the artist und Galerie Parisa Kind